Our Blown Installation System

At Devana we install cellulose fibre insulation with a blown system that gives real advantages over alternative insulations. Our experienced teams travel throughout the country and have great expertise in both new-build and retrofit installations.

Four Benefits of Blown Insulation

  • Airtightness
    Insulation is blown into every corner, leaving no gaps to leak heat
  • Speed
    No time is lost cutting insulation rolls or batts to size
  • Minimal disruption
    Installation involves very little building work
  • Problem solving
    We can easily blow insulation into voids which are difficult to access using alternatives

The Methods

There are three basic methods of application: dry injection, open blow, and damp-spray.

Dry Injection

Used to insulate timberframe walls or floors where the panels are closed. Usually a hole is cut in the wall covering or a floorboard is lifted to gain access to the cavity. Once insulated, holes are patched and floorboards replaced.


Damp Spray

Used on timberframe walls when the panel is left open for installation. The cellulose fibre is blown out through a fine mist of water and adheres to the inside surfaces of the wall. Excess is scraped off before plasterboard is tacked to the studs.

damp-spray circle

Open Fill

Used to fill loft spaces to a desired depth. We can also fill floors this way before the surface is laid. No attachments are necessary with this method.  

Open-fill thumbnail

The company (Devana Insulation) was the only one I found that was able to install the warmcel into the awkward parts of the roof by blowing it in. The company were helpful and thorough. The installers had the expertise to deal with all the unexpected difficulties that arose and worked hard with good humour.
Belinda Ellis
Belinda Ellis

About Devana

We are specialist installers of cellulose fibre insulation, installing all over the country from our Cambridgeshire base.

With a wealth of experience covering insulation, building and design; we would love to find out how we can help with your project.

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Retrovive Floor

Retrovive Floor is the only system that can install insulation underneath your traditional suspended wooden ground floor WITHOUT taking up all the floorboards.

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