Sound Insulation

Cellulose insulation is an effective soundproofing element when blown into walls and floors.

  • Excellent air-tightness blocks airborne noises
  • The randomness of fibres in the insulation dissipates acoustic energy

Used in combination with layers of different materials and air gaps, high sound attenuation is achieved. However, complete sonic separation is almost impossible to attain with insulation alone. Cellulose fibre is most effective in blocking higher frequencies and airborne sounds in comparison to lower frequency sounds and impact noises.

Meeting Sound Regulations

Designers can specify cellulose insulation in a tried-and-tested construction to meet sound resistance regulations. Panels filled with cellulose insulation have achieved certification for Robust Details to satisfy Part E of the Building Regulations.


Having recently consulted with Devana regarding some important remedial works here at the Studio I would like to extend a big thank you to both Stephen Collings for his assistance and definitely not forgetting the guys who carried out the works. The use of Warmcel for our particular application has proved to be enormously beneficial, whilst also proving to be a very cost effective solution
Mick Venning
Mick Venning
Orchard Cottage recording studio

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Retrovive Floor

Retrovive Floor is the only system that can install insulation underneath your traditional suspended wooden ground floor WITHOUT taking up all the floorboards.

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